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1 Corinthians 13 for Parents by Jim Fowler

If I speak the truisms of generations of parents, but do not have love for my children, I am but a nag or a screamer.
If I know all the mysteries of parents, and have all the knowledge of Dr. Spock and Dr. Dobson combined, and have the faith that these techniques cannot fail, but I do not love my children, I am a parental failure.
If I give myself sacrificially, giving all my time and all my money, and become a parental martyr, but do not have love for my children through it all, it all adds up to a total loss.
Loving my children involves being patient to let God work in their lives, being sensitive to their feelings, and aware of their hurts and concerns.
Loving my children means not comparing them to me or any other, not being envious of their successes, not trying to protect my reputation by governing their activities.
Love for my children is not irritable, agitated or moody. It does not hold grudges and refuses to forgive. It does not expect them to be perfect or rejoice in punishment, but rejoices when they learn to walk with God.
The love of a parent is not condescending, does not demand conformity to projected expectations, is willing to admit personal failure, and is unconditional no matter what they do.
All the parenting theories will pass away. All the lectures will blow in the wind. All the tears and concerns will overcome. 
What remains is my faith in God, and my hope for my children, but the greatest asset of parenting is the love which only God can produce in my heart for my children.

 Lara Melashenko






There will be haystack hot lunch, juice, and watermelon on Monday November 26, 2018 for grades K-6. If your child would like to purchase haystacks (check off toppings), lemonade, and watermelon please fill in the form below. We would like order forms to be returned Thursday morning Nov. 22nd at the latest with money so we can know exactly how many students to prepare for on Monday. No late orders will be taken past Thursday Nov. 22ndat 4:15 pm.


A very special thank you students and families for supporting this year's Terry Fox Run. Chinook Winds brought in a total of $1171.00.   


The Grade 9 class is starting their "Cookie Cart Sales" this week. This is a fundraiser for their year end celebration. Item prices are between 50 cents to $1.00 and sales will be weekly.  Thanks for your support!  Sales will be on:

      Tuesday - Elementary and High School lunchtimes
      Thursday - High School lunchtime


November 19    Secondary Progress Reports will be sent home
November 20    Parent -Teacher Interviews held from 4 pm – 8 pm 

Grades 7 – 12 Parents, on Tuesday, November 20th, Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held. To sign-up for your interviews please use the button below.  We look forward to seeing you here!     


Nov 23     Elementary End of Term 1 
Nov 28     Elementary Report Cards Sent Home
Nov 29     Parent - Teacher Interviews held from 4 pm - 8 pm

Grades K -  6 Parents, on Thursday, November 29, Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held.  To sign-up for your interviews please use the button below.  We look forward to seeing you here!


This is our last order this year for a variety of quality Okanagan fruit supplied by Avalon Orchards.  Please open the button below to find an order form and instructions on how to place your order.  Orders are due by Friday, November 30.  Our Apple Fundraiser will be helping to offset costs for students taking part in the spring mission trip to Belize. Thanks for your support!


FundScrip is a company that has connected with retailers across Canada and when purchases are made at those retailers (using gift cards purchased through FundScrip) donations are given to support the fundraising group.  Buy gift cards at face value, get face value at the retailer while at the same time supporting the fundraising group. Please prayerfully consider using FundScrip gift cards for your day to day purchases in place of debit/credit cards while at the same time supporting the Belize Mission Trip!  All orders are due by Thursday, November 29.


Please make sure to return all filled Shoeboxes to Pastor Antunes by next week, November 30th.  Thanks for participating in this project and making other children's Christmas time special!


"Praying Parents" will begin again this Thursday, Nov 22.  This group will meet in the lobby at the beginning of the school day.





Connected to the Vine Part 1 ...                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I can still vividly remember as a boy walking through my grandparent‘s farm in Portugal; the smells & sounds of the animals, the towering Eucalyptus trees with their distinct smell, the pine trees with their little pots at the base collecting the resin, the little trails up and through the terraced farm, the well in which the donkey “Giant” would walk around to remove water to quench the thirsty gardens.  The crow, “Vicente”, yes, you heard me right – the pet crow that my grandparents would keep tied up on a string all day long.  The HOT sun that embraced my brother Phil and I as we walked, investigated and visited the sites and families that lived close by.  These and many other memories are etched in my mind when I think of going back to my parent‘s country – Portugal. 
But there is one memory that comes back to me often, and that is of walking through the farm and having the vines give us shade.   You see my grandparents planted the vines on the side of most of the trails on the farm, so wherever we walked the vines offered a beautiful covering.   
Grape vines, if you know of the Portuguese culture, you likely know that wine is quite a part of everyday life.   I recall on one of our trips to Portugal, we stayed till the beginning of the grape harvest, where we picked the grapes with family and friends, the laughter mixed with hard work was always fun, and then imagine with me thousands of pounds of grapes in boxes needing to be squeezed.  
That‘s really when the fun began (at least for my brother and I), as they would place hundreds of pounds of grapes in a small 7x7 pool, about 2 feet deep, and said to us kids - jump in and stomp out the juice.   And stomp Phil and I did, dressed in shorts, jumping and squeezing all the juice out of the grapes with our feet.  
As we were jumping, at the bottom of that small pool was a faucet where the freshly (foot) squeezed grape juice was directed straight into a wine barrel, awaiting the fermentation process to begin.  Fond memories for sure, until I would see the results of the fermented wine.
Did you know that the grapevine is mentioned more than any other plant in the entire Bible?   In fact the grapevine was very important culturally and economically for the Jewish nation and was often used as a symbol in scripture.   A fruitful vine was a symbol of obedient Israel, while wild grapes or an empty vine spoke of Israel‘s disobedience (Jer. 2:21). 
Jesus having grown up in the Jewish nation, understood first-hand the powerful symbol of the vine, and so in John 15 just before He would be betrayed at Gethsemane, referred to Himself as the True Vine and the Father as the Vinedresser.  What was Jesus really saying to His disciples that day in John 15?  Well that is what I will address next week, but let me say this, God loves you and wants you to connect with Him.  In John 15:5 it says 5 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”
Your Brother in Christ,






Nov 19             Gr 7-12 Progress Reports 
Nov 19             School Board Meeting 7 pm
Nov 20             Gr 7-12 Parent-Teacher Meet 4-8 pm
Nov 21             Gr 2, 7 & 8 Field Trip COP Hall of Fame
Nov 22             Gr 1 - 4 Field Trip Jack Singer Concert
Nov 22 - 25      Sr High V-ball Northern Classic
Nov 23             End of Term 1, K-Gr 6
Nov 26             Poinsettia Plants Arrive
Nov 28             K-Gr 6 Report Cards
Nov 29             K-Gr 6 Parent-Teacher Meet 4-8 pm
Nov 29             Fundscrip Orders Due
Nov 30             Apple Orders Due
Nov 30             Christmas Shoeboxes Due
Dec 8               Pack the Gym Night
Dec 13             Christmas Concert, 7 pm
Dec 14             Hot Lunch (Pizza) Mission Trip
Dec 21             Last day of classes-Christmas Break

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